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Necessity Payee Services Welcomes You

Social Security always pays benefits through a payee for an adult judged legally incompetent by a State court.
Social Security usually pays benefits through a payee for a minor child.
Otherwise, Social Security usually pays benefits directly to legally competent, adult beneficiaries.
However, there are some exceptions...
If SSA determines a legally competent adult is unable to manage or direct the management of his or her own benefits, they will appoint a representative payee.
When selecting a payee, SSA usually first considers the beneficiary’s family and friends. For some beneficiaries, however, the traditional networks of support do not exist and for these we rely on state, local, or other community sources to fill the need.
If you are aware of an SSA beneficiary who has difficulty managing their funds, or directing someone to manage their funds, please contact your local SSA office.

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